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Saturday, April 6, 2019

Pokemon Go Spoofing - Smali Patcher

Advantages of Smali Patcher:

01. No need to rely on Security Patch Exploits.
02. No need to convert apps into System apps.
03. Zero rubber banding.
04. Fully working Gps as soon as you close the app.
05. No Need to downgrade Google Play Services.


01. Rooted Phone with Latest Magisk (Tutorial)
02. Latest Java Runtime Environment Installed on PC (Download Link)
03. .NET Framework v4.5 or Later Installed on PC
03. Latest Smali Patcher (Downlod Link)
04. Latest Gps Joystick (Download Link)
05. Fulmics Deodexer (Download Link)
06. Smali.jar and Backsmali.jar (Download Link)

Steps to Install Smali Patcher -

01. Extract the of Smali Patcher zip file and copy the folder to C Drive (C:\).

02. Connect your phone to your PC with USB Debugging ON.

03. Open Smali Patcher with Administrator rights. On the first start Smali Patcher will fetch some binary files from the internet. Wait until it shows Idle.

04. Select only the first box "Mock Locations". (You can select the others if you need them, but they are not useful for Pokemon Go spoofing).

05. Now click on ADB Patch in Smali Patcher. The program will do it's magic and give you a zip file in the same folder containing 'Smali Patcher.exe'.

Note: If it fails, and give you an error (ERROR: Target JAR must be deodexed) then additional steps need to be taken which are covered Here.

06. Copy the zip file to your phone.

07. Now on your phone Open Magisk Manager and go to Modules.

08. Tap on the + button and browse to the zip file copied to you phone in step 07.

09. Select the zip file to flash it. After the flashing is done, click on reboot.


Smali Patcher will be Installed Successfully.

After that install the latest GPS Joystick (theappninjas). Remember to download the Unlocked Version from the above link.

Steps to Set-up GPS Joystick -

01. Open the Gps Joystick app and under Quick Options tap on Privacy Mode.

02. Tap on Generate and give a name for the new app.


Note: This will create a clone of Gps Joystick app with a random package name. This is done because Pokemon go can detect Package names of some known Gps Spoofing apps.

03. After the new app is generated, Install it.


04. Keep the newly generated app and uninstall the original one.

05. Open the newly generated app and go to settings.

06. Disable everything. (You can keep "Prevent Screenshots" and "Save Last Location" enabled.)

In Magisk Manager, go to settings and tap on Hide Magisk Manager.

Go to Magisk Hide and check Pokemon Go.

Check if the Magisk Passes the SafetyNet Check. If it does then you're good to play the game.

Error: Target JAR must be deodexed [FIX] -

01. Extract the

02. Now grab your phone and copy the /system/framework folder along with the /system/build.prop file to your Internal Storage (using TWRP or any Root Explorer) and from there, transfer them to your computer and put them in a folder called system.

03. Run the Fulmics Deodexer with Admin rights.

04. Under /system browse to the system folder you created with the framework and build.prop in it and click ok. Make sure only /framework is checked on the left side.

05. Next, click on the little settings icon and you'll see this menu:

06. Under Smali, browse to the smali.jar file you downloaded earlier and click OK; under Baksmali, browse to baksmali.jar and click OK. Click on the Tick mark.

07. After that, click on the Right arrow button to start deodexing.

08. Once the deodexing is done, click OK when it asks if you want to delete the old files. All the deodexed files should be in the system folder you've created.

09. Run the Smali Patcher and click on the Browse button.

10. Browse to the system\framework\services.jar and click Patch JAR.

11. Once done, you can proceed and click on ADB PATCH.

You'll find a zip in the smali patcher directory; transfer it to your phone, flash it using magisk as mentioned in the above steps (From Step 06).

Some Common Errors -

For those who are facing the device or OS not compatible error:

  • Enable GPS in 'device mode only'.
  • Turn off the location history.
  • Make whatever location spoofing app you're using the Mock location app in the developer settings.
  • If you're using Gps Joystick by appninjas, make sure you turn off EVERYTHING related to location in the app settings.
  • Make sure your safetynet check passes. If it doesn't, try toggling on and off Magisk Hide and reboot. Check again.
  • It is imperative that Pokemon Go, Google play store and Google services framework are checked in Magisk Hide menu. And remember to ONLY check the apps that you want to hide root from. If you check any unnecessary apps, the safetynet check passes initially but fails after some time.
  • Also, do not forget to Hide Magisk Manager and delete any folder(s) with 'Magisk' or 'Magisk Manager' name from your internal storage.

For those facing Error 11 in Pokemon Go:

  • Check that Magisk is NOT set to "Core Only" in settings.
  • ONLY check necessary apps in Magisk Hide menu.
  • Enable all settings in Fake GPS app and disable them. Reboot

For people stuck while deodexing:
  • Make sure you have latest Java Installed.
  • Try running the program while your phone is connected in TWRP. Remember to MOUNT system.

For people with the issue of No Zip after completion:
  • Download and install Java Development Kit 8. This fixes the issue.

Note: If any of the given link expires, just leave a comment.

Video Tutorial:


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