CyberSolutions: August 2018

Friday, August 17, 2018 Direct Downloader

Are you tried with downloading files from If you are a daily download user of then you find the solution here. Here is the 2018 script to download files from This is fully working script to download files at full speed without restriction.

We have already posted Download script but it no more working and it’s outdated. So here we have found another fully working 2018 script to download files from This is fully working script without any restriction support Internet download manager and acceleration.

The is a like Chinese google drive part of The a cloud drive for Chinese user gives you free 2 GB space to share files images videos. If you are a visitors to Chinese forum blogs, and interested to download files from outside of China but you can’t download at full speed and many restrictions. So here is the script to download files at full speed without restriction from


1.   Firefox or Chrome Browser.
2.   Internet Download Manager.
3.   Tampermonkey Extension.
4.   A Fast Internet Connection.

1.   First Install Tampermonkey Extension In Your Browser.
2.   Tampermonkey Chrome -> Link
3.   Tampermonkey Firefox -> Link
4.   Install script Script.

There is 2 script one is the downloader and another is download limit remover, you have to install 2 scripts to work the script without any problem. Downloader Script:- Link / Mirror Link
Download Limit Remover:- Link / Mirror Link


1.) First Read Requirements and Preparation.
2.) Download Tampermonkey Extension then Downloader scrip and Download limit remover scrip.
3.) Open any Visit any Link and click the last Download drop down menu then hit download.

 The download will start instantly with the full speed resumable link.

Note: - If you are logged in at Baidu, First log out your account the script will only work on logged out.