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Monday, March 20, 2017

Uninstall SuperSU Or Systemless Root

It properly restores all the original files the SuperSU installer backed up (so, file-based OTA friendly!) and removes any files added by the installer/app. I figured other people might find it handy as well so it's attached below. Just Flash it using TWRP Custom Recovery. Be aware, if you flashed SuperSU twice mistakenly, the SuperSU installer wasn't written to recognize that and so you've lost your originals; a system.img flash WILL be necessary in your case.

Due to popular demand by the custom ROM community using this to unroot and pass SafetyNet checks/use Android Pay, etc., the script has been expanded to unroot Koush's SuperUser, ROM su binaries, as well as SuperSU Systemless and phh's Superuser (which is also systemless).

Note: To completely remove all traces of the systemless roots, you still need to flash a different, unrooted boot.img, likely the default one that came with the ROM. You can extract it from the ROM zip and flash it using TWRP's awesome "Flash Image" functionality.

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