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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

TWRP - Nandroid Backup & Restore

A Nandroid backup is essential if you’re hacking your phone. With a Nandroid backup you can restore your device to its previous state, undoing any attempted or failed hacks.
If you don’t like a ROM you have flashed, or if your device fails to boot after flashing something, restoring the Nandroid backup is the quickest way of getting your device running normally again.
To create a Nandroid backup tap the Backup option and choose the partitions to include. In most cases you should choose SystemData and Boot.
Don’t tick the Skip MD5 generation option, as this ensures the integrity of your backups and guards against errors when restoring them.

The boot and system partitions are the basic backups needed to boot the system and hence are the must needs.
Just to help you understand, A NANDROID backup is only helpful when you have the current Data partition which contains all the Applications, Messages, Contacts etc. Otherwise you can always flash the same Custom ROM from a zip file and go back to the initial stage but you will miss the current data.
The Cache partition is just an add-on, without which there will be no impact and the system will re-generate the cache from the data that you have. If you have the cache partition the system will boot faster that’s it.
The PDS partition basically keeps your IMEI, modem information and all which does not affected as part of a custom ROM flashing. But it is always a good idea to have this for the first time you backup.

Swipe the slider to begin the backup process. It may take a while to complete, especially if you have got a lot of data that you are backing up.
Don’t attempt to interrupt the process until it is complete.

Note: It do backup apps and their data but it skips the folder /data/media/ which is your Internal Storage media location. TWRP do not backups your media files such as Videos, Pictures, Music etc that are present in your Internal Storage.
Your backup files will get saved in /data/media/TWRP (or /data/media/0/TWRP).
Remember to keep the whole folder (folder with bunch of letters and numbers). After the /data/media/0/TWRP/BACKUPS/ the folder present will be your backup. Do not rename the folder as the letters and numbers are the codes for recognizing your device.
Many people think that the backup file is a single file but its not. All the files present in that folder are important so don't delete any of them.

Restore a Nandroid backup

Put the folder with numbers and letters to the root directory of your Internal Storage or SDCard.
Now to restore the Nandroid backup tap the Restore button from the home screen of TWRP and choose the backup from those listed. Swipe to begin the restore procedure.

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