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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Magisk - Hide Status

Magisk is a mod developed by XDA user topjohnwu, who is also responsible for the systemless Xposed flashable zip. Essentially, Magisk (which is short for Magic Mask) "aims to overcome these difficulties [of systemless mods] and create a universal interface for everyone to develop and use systemless mods."
Magisk first gained some popularity when it was discovered that it could enable Android Pay on rooted devices, due to its ability to go around the SafetyNet API. Since Pokémon GO also uses the SafetyNet API, several users have found out that Magisk works for it as well.
The installation of Magisk will also enable Android Pay.

To use Magisk, you'll need a device with an unlocked bootloader that is running Android 5.0+. topjohnwu recommends that your device be restored to a stock system and boot. If you can't do that, you must fully remove any form of root access and Xposed. You will need a custom recovery.
The Steps

All the links are at the bottom of this post.
1. Depending on where you sourced your root and Xposed methods from, your steps may be slightly different. If you're on a custom ROM, even unrooting may not do the trick. If you don't have Xposed, skip #2.

2. To unroot, open SuperSU, go to the Settings tab, navigate down to the Cleanup section, and choose "Full unroot." A bunch of prompts will pop up; do restore the stock boot image, but don't restore the stock recovery image. Your device will then reboot, and when it finishes, root access will be gone. 
NOTE: If you're unencrypted and restore the stock boot image, you may think that your device is bootlooping, but it is actually re-encrypting.
3. To get rid of Xposed, go to the official Xposed download site's uninstaller/ section, then choose the one you need. There are also options for arm and x86 architectures.
4. To flash this uninstaller, you must enter your custom recovery. In your custom recovery, hit "Install," navigate to your Download folder, and flash the uninstaller. After that, click "Wipe cache/dalvik," then "Reboot system." It'll take a while for the apps to finish optimizing.
5. Now, head over to Magisk's XDA thread and download Magisk.

6. Flash (the most current version) on your device in recovery. After that, reboot.

7. Now, you'll have to re-root; however, you can't use a normal method. You'll have to download a special Magisk version of phh's SuperUser. Flash this through your custom recovery just like you did with the Xposed uninstaller and Magisk. After that, install phh SuperUser app from the Play Store.

8. Install latest Magisk Manager from Play Store.

9. *OPTIONAL* If you want Xposed, you must download a systemless version (which is also by topjohnwu). To do this, download the Material Design Xposed Installer (excellent app, by the way) and install the systemless version from the Systemless tab. Grant Xposed Superuser access and allow the phone to install Xposed automatically. When the phone reboots, you'll have to wait for a few minutes for apps to optimize.

10. Now to hide Root Status, Go to Settings in Magisk Manager and Enable “Magisk Hide” option.

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