CyberSolutions: Facebook & Whatsapp Messenger In One App (Disa)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Facebook & Whatsapp Messenger In One App (Disa)

This is the messenger hub we’ve all been waiting for. Disa will unite your messaging & communication services seamlessly while keeping your device clutter free. The design is clean, features are constantly being updated, and merging messages cannot be any easier.Over 50,000 private alpha-stage testers in the Disa Google+ community believe this app is ready for beta testing, so now we’re putting the app in your hands. Let’s get together and make this what a messenger service hub should be!
What’s New
  •  You can now send multi images at once.
  • MMS auto-download can now be disabled. A new MMS Inbox folder now manages all of your pending MMS downloads.
  • General speed/lag improvements.
  • Many bug fixes.
  • Updated translations.
You can easily organize! Merge contacts and messenger services together within two clicks. There are plenty more fun features and we will be constantly updating them to give you the best user experience. Just download the app and discover everything Disa offers.
What Plugin’s Exist
  1. Text
  2. Whatsapp (Messenger)
  3. Facebook (Messenger)
How to Configure Disa
  1. Pick your services – Open the app > click settings > click services > click add service > and select the service from the plugin manager list.
  2. (After setting-up your service the last 10 conversations will load. Don’t worry, your previous conversations are not lost; load them manually by creating a new message with a contact or group-chat and it will appear in your conversation list.)
  3. Merge conversations – Go to your conversations list > long press on the first conversation > click on the other conversation(s) you wish to unify > and click the merge icon on the bottom action bar that pops up.

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