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Friday, November 27, 2015

Download Torrent Using Linux Terminal

In this post we are going to you show you how to download torrent in Linux using terminal. This method is useful when your PC has limited amount of memory (RAM), also if you have a VPS it would be really helpful to download. Here we are going to use a application called rTorrent to download torrent via terminal and I am using Ubuntu Linux 13.04 distribution. Just follow the instructions step by step to download torrent via terminal.
1. Open the Terminal.
2. Download rTorrent using the command in terminal in debian based systems.
sudo apt-get install rtorrent
To download rTorrent in fedora based systems use this command.
yum install rtorrent
3. After installing rTorrent open it using the command rtorrent in terminal. It opens rTorrent UI.

4. Press “Enter” it will show “load.normal>” at the bottom of the window.
5. Now copy the URL of torrent file and paste it. For example “”. Then press enter.
6. It loads the torrent and it will not download.

7. Press Down or Up arrow key to select the loaded torrent and then Press “Ctrl+S”. The selected torrent will be denoted by “*” symbol.
8. Now your torrent starts downloading.

That would be enough to get you downloading torrent files via the Linux terminal in no time. But if you want to learn some of the more advanced features of rTorrent, don't rely on its man page because you will be disappointed. Instead, use this cheat sheet:

Adding and removing torrents
Backspace -- Add torrent using an URL or file path. Use tab to view directory content and do auto-complete. Also, wildcards can be used. For example: ~/torrent/*
Return/Enter -- Same as backspace, except the torrent remains inactive. (Use ^s to activate)
CTRL-O -- Set new download directory for selected torrent. Only works if torrent has not yet been activated.
CTRL-S -- Start download. Runs hash first unless already done.
CTRL-D -- Stop an active download, or remove a stopped download.
CTRL-R -- Initiate hash check of torrent. Without starting to download/upload.

a/s/d -- Increase the upload throttle by 1/5/50 KB.
z/x/c -- Decrease the upload throttle by 1/5/50 KB.
A/S/D -- Increase the download throttle by 1/5/50 KB.
Z/X/C -- Decrease the download throttle by 1/5/50 KB.

Main View Keys:
right -- Switch to Download View.
CTRL-R -- Initiate hash check of torrent.
+/- -- Change priority of torrent.
l -- View log. Exit by pressing the space-bar.
1 -- Show all downloads.
2 -- Show all downloads, ordered by name.
3 -- Show started downloads.
4 -- Show stopped downloads.
5 -- Show complete downloads.
6 -- Show incomplete downloads.
7 -- Show hashing downloads.
8 -- Show seeding downloads.

Download View Keys
right -- Switch to selected view.
left -- Switch to view selection or back to main view.
1/2 -- Adjust max uploads.
3/4 -- Adjust min peers.
5/6 -- Adjust max peers.
p -- Display peer list.
o -- Display torrent info.
i -- Display file list.
u -- Display tracker list.
t/T -- Initiate tracker request. Use capital T to force the request, ignoring the "min interval" set by the tracker.

Peer list View Keys
left -- Switch to view selection.
right -- Show file details.
space -- Change the file priority; applies recursively when done on a directory.
* -- Change the priority of all files.
/ -- Collapse directories. While collapsed, press right to expand the selected directory.

Tracker list View Keys
left -- Switch to view selection.
* -- Enable/disable tracker.
space -- Rotate trackers in a group.

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