CyberSolutions: Access New Metro Boot Loader While Running Windows

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Access New Metro Boot Loader While Running Windows

We all know that Microsoft has added a new boot loader with Metro UI which is also called "Immersive Boot Menu" in Windows 8. Its better and more advanced than the previous boot loader present in Windows Vista and Windows 7.
This new boot loader is shown after Windows 8 boot screen. The reason is that this new boot loader is launched by an exe file "bootim.exe" present in "System32" folder of your system drive.

While testing things, I found that if we run this exe file inside Windows, the same boot loader is launched by Windows. It was a surprise for me.
The whole boot loader works and you can select the given options but no option works and shows errors. Its quite obvious because the boot loader was not designed to run inside Windows.
So if you also want to have fun and want to access new metro boot loader while running Windows 8 Desktop, you can try following simple steps:
1. Press Win+R keys together to launch RUN dialog box. Now type bootim in text box and press Enter.
2. It'll launch the metro boot loader as shown in following screenshot:

3. It shows following 2 options:
  • Troubleshoot
  • Turn off your PC
You can click on the options and switch between given options but if you try to launch an option such as turn off, restart, reset or refresh PC, it'll show error message.
4. To go back to Desktop, you can press ALT+Tab keys and select Desktop from the list:

Its really funny to run the boot loader inside Windows. To be honest, Microsoft should have restricted access to the exe file.

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