CyberSolutions: Setup Custom Domain In Blogger Using Freenom

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Setup Custom Domain In Blogger Using Freenom

Step-1: Go to Freenom
Step-2: Enter your desire domain and select .tk from the option, click on “Search” button, same below screenshot.

Step-3: If your desired domain is available then you redirect on Domain Registration page set registration length as 12 months and  like this screenshot below. If not, then try any other domain name.
Step-4: Clicked Order Now button. Here you have to verify your account by email, Verification link Sent to Your Email The Link, go to your Email Index and Click On The Link it redirect to checkout Page.

Step-5: Don't worry about it Fill the form give Email ID and Password Login further to Setup Domain in Blogger. Congratulation you have get your Domain, get ready for Setup custom domain in Blogger.

Setup Custom Free Domain in Blogger

Step-1: Go to Blogger Settings and find Publishing option in your dashboard. Now click on Set up a third-party URL for your blog.
Step-2: Then enter your Dot Tk domain with www in the like (as shown in the picture).
Step-3: Hit Save button, you get a Error i.e. We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12. Now That's what we require, two CNAME like below picture. Don't close this Page.
Step-4: Open a New Tab in Browser and Go to Your Freenom ClientArea Link and click on Domain Panel and then click on “My Domain” same below screenshot.
Step-5: It will take to your Domain Page and click on “Manage Domain”. Like this-

Step-6: Now clicked on Manage Freenom DNS and it will take to DNS MANAGEMENT for
Step-7: First of all Select “CNAME Record” from type option then write “www” in Name and “” in Target and Leave TTL to 14440 .
Step-8: Again to add another CNAME click on “More Records” and then write Host Name and Target that you got in error . You can do it same below image. 
Step-9: OK you have added your CNAME records successfully Let's add "A Record". Clicked on More Records, select “A Record” from type and Leave Name to Blank and set TTL to 300. Set First "Target" to Again repeat this process and Add Second "Target" to, Third "Target" to, Fourth "Target" to like this Screenshot Below.
Step-10: You have done your job well click Save Change to get effect. Now! Just Wait around 5 to 10 minutes and then go to your Blogger account and got to Setting>>Basic>> Add a Custom Domain and enter your (Don't Forget to add www before domain name) domain.

Step-10: Before saving check the Redirect Option otherwise no one can visit your domain unless and until 'www' is put before your domain. ('' can not be redirected to '').

Watch The Video Tutorial If You Still Don't Get It :

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