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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Remove Attribution Widget From Blogger

1. Open the blogger dashboard and open the layout tab.
2. Click on the small “Edit” button next to the widget you want to unlock.
3. If the widget doesn’t have any remove option then it is locked. Copy the widget’s ID from the top URL of the widget that is it looks something similar as "WidgetID='something’".

4. Navigate to the “Template” tab and click on the “Edit HTML” button.
5. Press “Ctrl + F” and search for the widget ID.
6. Now this is where you need to do a small editing to the widget. There are two ways to do that.
7. When you search for the widget ID you will see its attribute locked = “True”. 
8. Replace the word Ture as False  and save the template. Now your widget is unlocked.

9. Again open the layout => edit widget. You will find the option “Remove” and click on it to delete the widget.

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