CyberSolutions: Clean Your RAM Using Notepad

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Clean Your RAM Using Notepad

Many software are created in purpose to let users Clean up their Computer’s RAM, but I found that these software are developed with very simple lines of codes, it doesn’t take an effort for a developer to create this kind of programs. So if you want to Clean and Erase your Computer’s Memory , then you can by following the next steps which I’m going to mention.


1) Open Notepad (Start > Run > Notepad).
2) Type FreeMem=Space(10240000000).

3) You can change the value 1024 with any other value according to your RAM size (e.g: 512 if you have 512Mb of Memory).

4) Save it as “L2C.VBS”.

5) If you want to clean your RAM then Run the file you created in step 4.

Done! ☻

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