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Thursday, July 2, 2015

BitTorrent & µTorrent Universal Crack

µTorrent Pro & Bitorrent Pro
uTorrent and BitTorrent are softwares clients allow you to quickly  download high-quality digital content such as video, music, and  games. Available in over 20 languages, it leverages our community of over 70 million users to securely deliver files to your PC faster  than anything else out there.
BitTorrent & µTorrent Pro Features
  • Play it Safe. Play it Now. Play it Anywhere.
  • Protect your computer with integrated antivirus
  • Get the codecs you need to enjoy HD video
  • Easily move files to your favorite devices
  • No advertisements
  • Automatically defends your PC and your library against viruses
  • A lack of knowledge about the source and safety of files can make torrenting a little scary
  • Unlocked “Enable DHT”
  • Unlocked “Peer Exchange”
  • Unlocked “Local Peer Discovery”
  • Removed “Advertising”
How To  Get Pro & How To Decompress “uTorrent v3.4.2″ or “BitTorrent” v7.9.2 ?
1. Disable your Antivirus first ( Important )
2. Download & install any builds of “uTorrent v3.4.2″ or “BitTorrent v7.9.2 (stable or beta versions)
3. Exit “utorrent v3.2.4″ or “BitTorent” v7.9.2 from system tray.
4. Go to “utorrent v3.2.4″ or “BitTorent” v7.9.2 file location.
5. Open “Upx Unpacker”

6. Move the “utorrent.exe” or “bittorent.exe” file to “Upx Unpacker”.
7. Now, copy & paste our patch in utorrent or bittorrent directory and run our patch (as administrator) !
8. Click on Patch button

9. That’s all 

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