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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Whatsapp Magic Image Trick

Whatsapp magic image change trick send magic image to your friend’s mobile this image show as 2 type image before download it’s look different but after download it will be change you may have receive this type magic picture it’s very easy to send you only need to install a android application (.apk) in your android mobile magiapp application is most popular app for create magic image. 

  1. Download Megiapp or Z- Photo Fake for Whatsapp Picture thumbnail trick.
  2. After downloading install that downloaded Megiapp.APK file to your android smartphone.
  3. After installation get over open MegiApp.
  4. There you'll find the screen as shown in below picture.

  5. In the first box Choose image which you want to show as thumbnail of image.
  6. In the second box choose image which you want to show as an actual picture.
  7. Now click on "Domagic" button and choose quality of output image.
  8. It'll take a few minutes to create image then it will directly take you to WhatsApp for sharing image which you've create.
  9. Now choose contact to whom you want to send the image.
  10. Then Guess what ? :D You're done, The picture which is sent its with a different thumbnail form actual !

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