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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Websites Common Errors

  • Error 200 – OKIt means the Action is Completed Successfully.
  • Error 202 - AcceptedThe request has been accepted for processing, but the processing has not been completed.
  • Error 204 – No ContentThe Server has received a request,But there is not Information available to send it Back.
  • Error 400 – Bad request.The Request was impossible to be satisfied.
  • Error 401 – unauthorized request.It mean that the user has failed to provide a vaild Password or Username to the directory.
  • Error 402 – Payment Details Required.
  • Error 403 – forbidden.It implies to when  Request does not specify a Directory name or the File name.
  • Error 404 – Not found.This is Very Common Error it mean that the file you are Requested is Not Found.
  • Error 500 -Internal error.It implies that Server has encountered an Unexpected Condition.
  • Error 501 – Not ImplementedThe server does not support the Facility or Function that is Required.
  • Error 502 – Bad GatewayIt mean that the Server Cannot Request Command activity due to High-load.
  • Error 503 -Service unavailable.This is Due to Overload in Server and it is Temporary Issue.
  • Error 504 – Gateway Time-OutThe Sever did’t Respond but the Gateway is Waiting for it.
  • Error 505 – HTTP Version not supported/ DNS Lookup This are the most Comman Internet Errors and their Reasons.

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