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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Use Any Trial Software Forever

Time Stopper

You always wanted to use any trial software for free, but for that you had to find a Crack for it on internet, but if you failed then you weren’t able to use the trial software any more. But now, it’s possible !!
Time Stopper let you run Trial Softwares forever without expiration.If you don’t have enough trial period of any trial version software you can extend the trial period using Time Stopper.
How it Works ?
Function of the time stopper is to change the date and time by entering into the software. For this reason time stopper will extend the trial period of the program for an unlimited amount of time.
Time Stopper will not modify the time and date of the operating system.
RUN AS DATE will not convert your trial version software to full version but it will let you use your trial version software lifetime.
BUT We recommend you to buy the software which you like.
Time Stopper at a glance
  • Time Stopper is a free software.
  • It is easily installable.
  • Time Stopper are not damaging any file.
  • It will not modify the time and date of the operating system.
  • Run trial software without expiration.
  • Anti virus can’t detect or blocked Time Stopper 4.0 as a virus.
How to Use ?
  1. User left click on “Browse… (push button)” in “Time Stopper”. Browse your installed trial version software in –> windows drive >> Program Files         >> then find out your installed trial version software and choose that .exe file which will run your program.
  2. Now choose a date.This new date should include within trial period of the trial version software. We recommend to select tomorrow as the date.
  3. Now you will able to create a desktop shortcut for future use. To create a desktop shortcut type the shortcut name and click on create desktop shortcut and use these shortcut to open the trial version software.
Note: After patching the trial version software by using Time Stopper, you must always use the desktop shortcut which created by Time Stopper to open that software otherwise the trial will end instantly.


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