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Friday, June 26, 2015

Software Update Checker

Click on SUMo’s icon on the desktop to launch it.

First, click on the “Automatically detect installed software” button to let SUMo scan your computer for already installed applications. Once it has finished, click on the next “Check for updates for your installed software” button to let SUMo connect to the Internet and check for software updates of your previously scanned software list. Click the “Close” button to access SUMo’s main interface.

SUMO will list all installed applications in a simple, multiple columns list. There are 3 icons that show your software’s current status:
  1. Triangular exclamation mark – Extremely outdated software. These ones need to be updated as soon as possible.
  2. Yellow star – Updates available. Not as critical as above.
  3. Green tick mark – These software’s are updated. No problem here.

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