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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Set Any Video As Live Wallpaper In Android

The first step towards turning your video into a live wallpaper is to get the required app installed on your device. Launch the Google Play store app on your device and download the Video Live Wallpaper Pro Free app. It’s a free app.
When the app is installed, launch it from your app drawer.
On the first screen of the app, you should see a couple of options that you can use for your live wallpapers. In order to select a video to be set as a live wallpaper, tap on the first option that says “Gallery.” It will then let you choose your file manager that you will be using find your video. Tap on any that you wish to use.

Navigate to the folder where your video is saved and tap on it to select it.

Here is when the real magic happens. Tap on the option that says “Set Live Wallpaper,” and it will let you see the preview of your live wallpaper.

On this screen, you can see the video as a live wallpaper. If you think it’s good and you wish to go ahead, simply tap “Set wallpaper,” and it will be set as your current live wallpaper. It will appear on all of your home-screens just like any other wallpaper.

There are two other options in the app that let you tweak your wallpaper. Those are:

Play Audio

This option comes checked off by default. That means your live wallpaper will include the audio as well. Unchecking the option will disable the audio, and you shouldn’t hear any sounds on your home-screens. I prefer muting the audio as I don’t want to hear a sound when I unlock my screen.

Loop Video

This option also comes enabled by default. What it does is repeat the video once it finishes playing. In simple words, it keeps your live wallpaper moving forever.

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