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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Send Self-Destructing Emails & SMS To Anyone

Emails and SMS both are very fast services to send information easily and fast in written format. We not only use these services for chit-chat but many times we use emails or SMS to send very confidential information such as any account’s password, credit card number, ATM PIN, etc.
After sending emails/SMS if you don’t want anyone else to read your message, it is recommended to use self-destructing messages. These messages when read once, will automatically gets deleted. So, the recipient will get the needed information and no one would able to know confidential message that you sent using self-destructing message service.
Self Destruction Warning Message
Self Destruction Warning Message ;)
Today, I am going to talk about some FREE services and tools that will let you send self-destructing emails as well as SMS which will automatically destruct when they read once.

1. SecretInk

SecretInk is a powerful startup that lets you send both self-destructing emails and SMS for free. SecretInk send private link through email/SMS to receiver from where they will read your secret message. After reading the link and its message both will get destroyed.
All you need to do is just go and login SecretInk with your Google/Gmail account and you’re good to go. Now you can send unlimited self-destructing emails. Your message will be fully anonymous. That means, you can add different Reply-To email/SMS address and receiver will have no trace about who send the message.


It is another great website to send self-destructing emails. Unlike SecretInk, you can send time for self-destruct from 15 seconds to 5 minutes. Similar to SecretInk, your email will be anonymous unless you add personal identifiable information inside email.
You can type your secret self-destructing message and generate link that you can send your friend through SMS, facebook message etc. Generated link will be active for 90 days before opening it and read secret message.

3. GhostMail

If you didn’t find the self-destructing service that can fulfil your need then here is GhostMail for that. Rather than sending a link through email, GhostMail send direct self-destructing email to the receiver. The receiver is not required to visit any link to read your email.
Once receiver reads your email, you’ll get notified at GhostMail account and the email will be vanished from receiver’s webmail. Creating GhostMail account is free and you’re required to sign in your Gmail/Google account to create your account here.

4. Mobile Apps To Send Self-destructing SMS

Unfortunately, not a single web service is available that let you send direct self-destructing SMS without making receiver navigate to a link but Wickr App available for both Android and iOS device will let you do this. Wickr is available for free to use at both the platforms. It lets you send self-destructing, secure, private, anonymous messages & media easily.

5. Browser Extensions

Two chrome browser extensions, Boomerang Gmail and mxHero Toolbar are available to supercharge your Gmail experience. Boomerang Gmail is paid while mxHero Toolbar is a free extensions. Both of these extensions adds features like email tracking, scheduled emails, private delivery features to Chrome with Self-destructing email feature too.
The self-destructing email sent via any of these extensions will not be direct, no link would be sent to receiver to visit and read out your secret message :)

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