CyberSolutions: Join Videos Using MkvToolNix

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Join Videos Using MkvToolNix

Download MkvToolNix

1. Open MKVMerge by Double Clicking the MMG.Exe file the toolkit.

You will have a GUI that looks like one in Step 2.

2. Click the Add button, and add the first video clip.

Please not, that it does not have to be a MKV file as the source. This works for MP4 as well.
 As usual with MKV Merge, you will have a list of all streams this video contains.

3. Next, to "merge" another video:

Click the Append button, and choose the next clip you wish to add
Do not add!

The next clip will follow the 1st in play order.

As you can see, as indicated by the ++> symbol, this will be merged into the first video, immediatly following it.

4. Repeat the append step for each video you wish to add.

5. Once you have added all you wish too add, Click the Browse button in the Output section at the bottom, and choose a save location, and name you Combined Video as you see fit.

6. Press Start Muxing.

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