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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Convert Magnet Links To Torrent File

If you hate or don’t like Magnet links to download individual file from torrent site, then here I’m sharing few tricks to convert magnet links to torrent file.
Few days before pirate-bay has stopped serving torrent file which has seeds less than 10 and switched to magnet links. Magnet links are just a link which contain meta-data. This has been done to save space and reduce load on their server.

Why to Convert Magnet links into Torrent file

There are few reasons to hate magnet links and love .torrent files:

  • They are slower than torrents file and take more time to fetch meta data.
  • It is slightly difficult to download specific file via magnet links than torrent file.
  • You cannot save magnet links to your computer as you can save torrent file for future downloading.
How To Convert Links Into Torrent File

Method 1 : Use utorrent
1.     Download meta-data of any file by using magnet links. After downloading do as following:
2.     Open Run by pressing Windows+R button and then type this %appdata%\uTorrent\ and press enter to get torrent files.

Method 2 : Make use of Hash Info

You can copy hash of any individual file which you wanted to download and search it on IsoHunt to get your torrent files.

Method 3 : Use to convert magnet links

Magnet2torrent is free website which converts magnet links into torrent file. You have to just paste magnet link and it will give you an option to download torrent file.

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