CyberSolutions: How to Do a Remote Shutdown For A Pc On A Lan

Sunday, June 7, 2015

How to Do a Remote Shutdown For A Pc On A Lan

1. Open the command prompt. This may be done by clicking on the "Start" button, and selecting "Run".

2. Type in cmd and press Enter.

3. Type in shutdown -m \\computername, replacing "computername" with the name of the computer you wish to shutdown or the computer's IP address.

4. Experiment with the shutdown commands switches.
  • -r will force a restart, disabling any services or user interaction from interrupting it.
  • -c "comment" will force a comment to appear on the system being shutdown.
  • -t xx will force a timeout for "xx" seconds. For example, -t 60 would perform a shutdown after a 60-second timeout.
  • -a will abort the shutdown.
  • A full command example: shutdown -m \\myserver -r -c "This system will shutdown in 60 seconds" -t 60

5. Try another method:
  • Type shutdown -i in the run window.
  • Click the "Add" box and type the name of the computer you want to shutdown or its IP address. You can select what you want the computer to do.
  • In this mode, it's necessary to add a comment. Do so.
  • Press OK.

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