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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Hide Windows From System Tray

Hide Window Plus is a tool that allows you to hide programs to backround from the screen and the taskbar with a single keystroke or a right click on the Close button. If the program creates a tray icon (near the clock), it will be hidden as well. You can later un-hide the program with a keyboard shortcut. This tool also allows you to run a screensaver, turn off the display or mute the sound in no time using keyboard shortcuts.

Full features list:
  • Hide single windows without need to configure the program — unique feature
  • Hide a group of windows
  • Hide tray icons
  • Hide taskbar buttons
  • Hide programs by right-clicking the system Close button — unique feature
  • Terminate all hidden programs with a keyboard shortcut — unique feature
  • Stealth installation without creating any shortcuts in the Start Menu and in Add and Remove Programs applet in the Control Panel — unique feature
  • Hide programs with a keyboard shortcut
  • Hide programs from the Alt-Tab list
  • Hide several programs at once
  • Automatically mute sound (optional) when a window is hidden
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • Runs invisibly in the background
  • Free lifetime upgrades and tech support

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