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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Check The Password Of Connected Wifi

Step 1. Access the Network Connections Panel
Viewing the password of the wireless network you are connected to is done from the Network Connections panel. To access it, first go to the Network and Sharing Center. One way to do it is to open the Control Panel and click or tap "Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center".

Then, in the left column, click or tap "Change adapter settings".

This opens the Network Connections panel where you see the available network adapters and network connections.

Here's where the magic happens. :)

Step 2. View the Password of the Wireless Network & Change It

The next step is to access the Status window for your active wireless connection. There are two ways to do this:
The first is to expand the Network Connections window until all the buttons on its toolbar are displayed. Then, you will see a button named "Change settings of this connections". Click or tap on it after you select the wireless connection you want to edit.

Another method is to right-click or press and hold the wireless connection you want to edit. In the contextual menu that is displayed, press Status.

The WiFi Status window is displayed. Here you will see all kinds of information about your wireless network connections.
Click or tap Wireless Properties.

The Wireless Network Properties window opens.

Go to the Security tab and check the box that says "Show characters".

In the Network security key field you will see the password of the wireless network you are using. You can also change the password with a new one and then press OK to apply it.


As you can see, viewing the password of your active wireless network is performed relatively easily. However, unlike Windows 7, there is no visual way to view the passwords of wireless networks you are no longer connected to and you can't remove their profile data from Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, like you did in Windows 7.

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