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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Change Icon Of Any File


Types is a very simple app that only does one thing. It would have been nice if the program was a standalone executable that didn’t require an install, but unfortunately, it’s not. Anyway, once you install it and run it, you’ll get a box with all of the currently registered files types on the system and their icons.
types program
In my example, I want to change the default icon for text files, so I scrolled down to the TXT extension and selected it. Click on the gear icon at the top and that will bring up the properties box.
types class
On the Class tab, you can see the path to the associated program for that file type. In this case, Notepad opens TXT files by default. You can actually change the default program here if you like, but you can also do that via Explorer.
types icon tab
The tab we are interested in is Icon. By default, it shows you the icons stored in the imageres.dll file stored in the SYSTEM32 directory. This DLL file contains a lot of the default system icons used on the system.
Once you have a custom icon, you can click the little yellow folder button and browse to the icon you want to use.
Simply select the icon and then close out of the properties window. You’ll also see the icon change in the header area at the very top of the properties window.
change file type icon
As you can see above, I changed the icon for the TXT file type to something different and now that icon will show up wherever Windows displays it across the operating system.


The second program I really like is from Nirsoft, my favorite company when it comes to free utilities. The program is called FileTypesMan and it’s better than Types because it doesn’t require any installation on the system.
Once you run it, you can scroll down to the file extension you are looking for using the first column (Extension). In my example, I again found the .TXT file extension and at the bottom you can see the different actions associated with that extension. This is the same as the Actions tab in Types.
When you double-click on the entry, you’ll get a popup dialog with a whole bunch of properties and settings.
edit file type
Click on the little button next to Default Icon and choose your icon file. You can also configure a bunch of advanced options for showing/hiding different settings related to the file extension. If you work with a certain file type a lot and want a better icon than the default, these two programs are the best options.
That’s about it. If you have any questions or problems updating the icon for a file type, let us know in the comments. Enjoy!


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