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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Change Android Host File And Block Website In Android Phone

We all know we can block any websites from our computer in Wifi Network. But we can blocked websites in wifi network only. What do you do in android mobile. Everyone access adult websites in your android phone. So how can you block certain websites in android mobile. Here i give you a short tutorial so you can easily access your android hosts file and block websites in android mobile

 What is a ‘hosts’ file?

‘Hosts’ file is a plain-text file in an operating system to map host names (like to its IP address. Whenever you try to launch a website using its hostname, the operating system will usually search the ‘hosts’ file to find the corresponding IP address first.If the search is successful, then its mapped IP address is used; otherwise a query is sent to DNS (Domain Name Service) to find the IP address of that host name.

This method uses ‘hosts’ file to block ads. This method blocks all ads in your device, including the ones shown in various apps and games

Here i edit android host file from two method.

Direct Host file Location Editing Method from ES File Explorer

This method works only in rooted android phone. First you need a ES File Explorer. Es file explorer is file manager for android phone. Download ES File Explorer here. Go to Android host file location.

  • First install ES File Explorer in Your Android phone
  •  Open ES File Explorer in your Android phone
  • Select device / Device directory in your phone.
  • Now you are in the root directory of your phone. Now click on the etc folder.
  • Scroll down ,now you find hosts file of your android phone.
  • Click on that and open as text.
  • Choose ES Note Editor.
  • On right above side button click on that and select edit
  •  Now right down  websites ,which one want you block and now save it 
Now you block any websites on your phone..through android host file editing.

You done android host file edit from android app.

Android Host File Editor(Android APP)


Hosts manager application helping developers willing to modify their /etc/hosts (/system/etc/hosts) file easily.

This could be very useful if you need to test your app on a specific server via its IP.

Download Here : Android Host File Editor

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